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What you're trying isn't working.

Short temper postpartum, foggy brain, aimless days and constant worry. NO THANK YOU...Having babies shouldn't wreck us. 

Most women try to solve their post-baby personality changes by focusing on the behaviors themselves. THIS DOESN'T WORK! It actually just makes you more concerned, frustrated and discouraged!

This FREE postpartum mini-course will teach you the ROOT REASONS WHY you’ve been feeling irritable, overwhelmed, anxious, etc, and The Postpartum Coach 3-Step Process for moms that ACTUALLY does make you feel better, both in the moment and just in general.


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What's in the postpartum mini-course?

3 videos, 6-20 mins each, total of 45 mins ($400 VALUE)

Video 1: Why Postpartum is Feeling so Intense

There are several good reasons beyond the obvious ones, such as your body is trying to tell you it needs your help to release stored emotions from the past.

Video 2: The Four Lenses to Understand your Body & Mind

You'll stop feeling confused, frustrated and hopeless, and you'll begin to give yourself compassion & grace when you learn these. This will make you feel lighter and give you hope and momentum to heal

Video 3: The 3-Step Process

You will learn an entirely new way to be in your post-baby body and mind--a way that will reconnect you to the good, stable parts of you and stabilize and calm you, both overall and in intense moments. YOU GOT THIS

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What will this do for you?

This free mini course will:

  • Reassure you that you’re not crazy--it's not just you, and there are GOOD REASONS this is coming up for you. 
  • Help you understand WHY you're struggling so much to just do the basics 
  • Give you a CLEAR, three-step process that will actually get you to the root of the irritability, anger, mood swings, etc. You'll feel confident, empowered & hopeful, like you have the direction you need. 


I (Lizzie, The Postpartum Coach) am a mom and wife and person too. I have had DUMB experiences with "free stuff" through Facebook and IG ads. I PROMISE to you that this mini course is QUALITY, I have poured my heart into it, with no strings attached. I am here to help you.

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-Lizzie, The Postpartum Coach

*Lizzie is not a medical provider or therapist. Her advice is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Include and consult your healthcare providers along your journey.

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3 Steps to Feel Like Yourself Again