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Postpartum Freedom 

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Feel Normal Again

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Bring your nervous system back to its baseline, and you will feel like you again.

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Not only did I Iose life as I knew it when I had my baby, but I couldn't find ME... 


Sex felt different, which wore on our marriage.

Free time (if any) now depended on baby naps, which brought unpredictability, frustration and anxiety -- I was used to planning.

The rhythm, persistency and nature of my thoughts drastically shifted - and it stole my sense of identity. I felt scared of my own mind, insecure and self-conscious, like I was a crazy person

And the scariest question was: Will I ever feel like me again? 

The longer this went on, the more desperate and hopeless I became. 


Time is never more precious than when you are suffering, especially when your mental health affects your little people and biggest relationships. 

You can END the burnout and emotional explosions by learning how to get OUT of survival mode and slow your body and mind down, both in intense moments and in general. This is what my program breaks down for you -- mastering these basics in this new chapter of intense motherhood will give and give back to you, your health and your family, and restore confidence, peace, playfulness and purpose again.


Here are the FOUR MAIN REASONS we end up feeling SO crazy, unstable & different postpartum: 


1. Our nervous system activates at a high level to give us the energy to do it all. (aka, we enter survival mode)

2. In survival mode, deeper feelings needing to be processed such as grief, fear, sadness, boredom, regret or loneliness get stuffed for later. We essentially start hiding emotions from ourselves subconsciously... 

3. This wears our body and mind down and loads us up with emotion, causing symptoms like Postpartum Depressiveness, Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum Rage, and just general overwhelm and inflexibility.

4. We often don't know how to bring ourselves back to baseline and find normal again, and we also start freaking out/panicking. So we continue dysregulated,  get more scared and desperate, and the cycle just builds. 


But I have the solution.


I have studied survival mode from the inside out (living it helped, lol). 

I have trained with trauma and nervous system experts. 

I combed through all anxiety and depression tools out there and saw they were lacking in applicability and clarity for a busy, under-slept and overworked mamma. 

So, I created the perfect blend of feminine, body-centered tools that actually make logical sense and work quickly in the moment, as well as deeply and gradually over time. 

The Postpartum Freedom Curriculum delivers profound transformation because it is highly attuned to the exact state of the nervous system for a mother who is postpartum, or feels that her challenges began postpartum. 

What You Get:


Immediate (and lifetime) access to the 5+ hour curriculum when you join. 

(Value: $5,000)

12 live instructional + coaching calls, one per week. 

(Value: $2,500)

A private Facebook group w/the women in your cohort during the 12 weeks

(Access to me)

(Value: $200)

Upon finishing your 12 weeks, you are granted entry into lifetime Facebook community of other high-caliber women who have graduated from this program and are continuing the work. (Access to me) 

(Value: $1,000)

Total Value:  $8,700

Your Investment: $2,000

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12-Week Learning Outline:


The curriculum is in four sections: 

Intro to Healing (Weeks 1-2)

We lay the groundwork of self-compassion, we let go of self-criticism and we surrender to the journey

Calm your Body (Weeks 3-7)

We learn to de-escalate emotions in-the-moment to prevent burnout, explosions, panic attacks, etc.

Calm your Mind (Weeks 8-10)

We learn how to see and redirect our thoughts, and how to notice and get ahead of thought patterns.

Calm your Life (Weeks 11-12)

How to teach these things to your kids, how to recognize which tools to use in future, independent self-healing exercises

The 12 live calls help you apply the tools, troubleshoot and learn from other moms as they are doing the work too. Coaching aligns your mindset for success.


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A Peek Inside the Curriculum

Calm your Body, Calm your Mind, Calm your Life


 LIMITED BONUSES (First Come First Serve)


  • BONUS 1: The next THREE women who join get a bonus training on how to heal Postpartum Anxiety in the body by Kate, founder of Little Yarrow. You'll learn which blood tests you'll need to find your own unique cause to your anxiousness, which minerals to look for at what levels, and be trained on a few powerful, go-to herbal remedies to give you a boost and true healing. ($97 value)
  • BONUS 2: The Next FOUR women to join Postpartum Freedom get a free Dad-Mapping Fatherhood session for their partner with WTFatherhood coach and Author of Welcome to Fatherhood, David Arrell. ($120 value)

    If your partner is not male, or you aren't partnered,  you can exchange this for one 45-minute private coaching session w/Lizzie) 

  • BONUS 3:  The next 5 women who join Postpartum Freedom get:

     The Sleep Fairy Way™ best-selling infant sleep-training e-book for the first 1-12 months, PLUS

    Baby's First Four Weeks Sleep Foundation Guide. ($70 value)

  •  TOTAL BONUSES VALUE: $287! Join before they're gone

  • These bonuses stack, meaning the sooner you join the more of these you get. The first three women get ALL three.. so far nobody has claimed them, I just announced them this week!


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VIP Upgrade Option: 


Some women want private support while going through the group program. This is good for you if you tend to be shy in groups, or have sensitive trauma, such as sexual or betrayal trauma with your spouse or partner.


VIP Upgrade Package Details: 

  • You get everything everything the group includes 

($8,700 value)

  • + 6 private sessions throughout the 12 weeks (one session every-other week during the program)

($2,500 value)

Total Value: $11,200

Investment: $4,000

Payment Plans Available  - see checkout

**LIMIIT THREE VIP Upgrades - First come, first serve. 

 (you save $500 if you do the VIP upgrade, in comparison to my usual private coaching rates)

Enrollment Closes March 1, 2023


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Enrollment Closes March 1, 2023

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you watch all course videos, come to at least 10 of 12 calls, ask your questions and volunteer for coaching along the way, and you are not satisfied with the program, you are eligible for a full refund. I have never needed to refund someone for this amazing program, but I offer it so you know I stand in integrity. Testimonials at bottom of page

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