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Postpartum Freedom 

A 12 Week Program to 

Feel Normal Again

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Bring your nervous system back to its baseline, and you will feel like you again.

Not only did I Iose life as I knew it when I had my baby, but I couldn't find ME... 


Sex felt different, which wore on our marriage.

Free time (if any) now depended on baby naps, which brought unpredictability, frustration and anxiety -- I was used to planning.

The rhythm, persistency and nature of my thoughts drastically shifted - and it stole my sense of identity. I felt scared of my own mind, insecure and self-conscious, like I was a crazy person

And the scariest question was: Will I ever feel like me again? 

The longer this went on, the more desperate and hopeless I became. 


Time is never more precious than when you are suffering, especially when your mental health affects your little people and biggest relationships. 

You can END the burnout and emotional explosions by learning how to get OUT of survival mode and slow your body and mind down, both in intense moments and in general. This is what my program breaks down for you -- mastering these basics in this new chapter of intense motherhood will give and give back to you, your health and your family, and restore confidence, peace, playfulness and purpose again.



Here are the FOUR MAIN REASONS we end up feeling SO crazy, unstable & different postpartum: 


1. Our nervous system activates at a high level to give us the energy to do it all. (aka, we enter survival mode)

2. In survival mode, deeper feelings needing to be processed such as grief, fear, sadness, boredom, regret or loneliness get stuffed for later. We essentially start hiding emotions from ourselves subconsciously... 

3. This wears our body and mind down and loads us up with emotion, causing symptoms like Postpartum Depressiveness, Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum Rage, and just general overwhelm and inflexibility.

4. We often don't know how to bring ourselves back to baseline and find normal again, and we also start freaking out/panicking. So we continue dysregulated,  get more scared and desperate, and the cycle just builds. 


But I have the solution.


I have studied survival mode from the inside out (living it helped, lol). 

I have trained with trauma and nervous system experts. 

I combed through all anxiety and depression tools out there and saw they were lacking in applicability and clarity for a busy, under-slept and overworked mamma. 

So, I created the perfect blend of feminine, body-centered tools that actually make logical sense and work quickly in the moment, as well as deeply and gradually over time. 

The Postpartum Freedom Curriculum delivers profound transformation because it is highly attuned to the exact state of the nervous system for a mother who is postpartum, or feels that her challenges began postpartum. 

Postpartum Freedom:


Postpartum Freedom is a 12-week program for women at any stage postpartum (one day, one year or one decade) that blends clear-thinking coaching tools with the application of processing emotions in your body. Our goal is to get you feeling like you can calm your body down when you get worked up or off-kilter emotionally, that you can calm and redirect your mind when your thoughts seem to be overtaking you or worrisome, and that you will be able to identify some of the root cause of anxiety: stored traumas in your nervous system. It’s holistic, gentle and effective.

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Here’s what you get:


Immediate (and lifetime) access to the curriculum when you join now.

An exclusive Facebook group of your cohort of women (also known as sisters, but not in the religious sense, think “sacred sisterhood”. I want you to feel more emotionally safe and held than you ever have in your life. This is my job as your feminine guide to healing.)

12 one-hour live coaching + teaching + processing calls (see the FAQ section for more detail), one per week for 12 weeks

A beautiful graduation ceremony on our last call, and induction into my private Facebook group: Postpartum Freedom Graduates. These women are high caliber and have all been through this program. They continue the healing work and you will have all of them as a resource and sisterhood for life, we me popping in occasionally.

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A Peek Inside the Program


What you'll learn:


  • How to calm your body when big emotions trigger, whether in the moment or past trauma stuff.

  • How to calm your mind and redirect it in practical, actually-work ways, without fighting your anxiety or emotions or shoving them back down.

  • How to use the calm your body + calm your mind skills to calm other areas of your life, like parenting, work, marriage/relationships, etc.

We won’t go into the deep stuff before you’re ready, and your body knows exactly what to release and in what order…. trust your body. That’s what I will be doing. It knows the way.


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