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What is a Womb Ceremony?

Just like a wedding or a graduation, a Womb Healing Ceremony is a time to look back at all your Womb has been through, release painful memories or emotions, and restore peace and creative balance. 

Our wombs are our creative centers as women. From conceiving and growing babies, to conceiving ideas and passions, the womb is where creation is sparked. It is a sacred space, and needs to be cleansed occasionally and protected, especially after birth trauma, sexual mistreatment, or creative stagnation and/or insecurity.

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Release what you're storing, and return to robust creative expression.


What will this do for you?

While it would be irresponsible for me to promise a miracle or healing, I can say that ceremony could help you:

  • Unburden yourself.¬†You have the power in you to release what is ready to be released. This ceremony can help you¬†access that wisdom within you.
  • Make a connection with your body.¬†Your body is intelligent; it knows what it needs to heal, but we often aren't listening. This ceremony can be a time when your body is able to tell you what it needs.
  • Un-block your creative flow!¬†From conception to idea creation, writing to parenting solutions, mothers deeply need access to their creative powers. This ceremony can build a bridge between you and your creative juices.¬†
  • Connect you to angels, guides, and ancestors¬†that have been waiting to HEAL you and help you!¬†

What will I do in the Ceremony?

This is a beautiful pre-recorded womb-healing ceremony I guide you through, about 21 mins in length, with a candle, music, and me + my voice.

1 - Relax into the Music

I will have beautiful music in the background as I set the stage. This is not hypnosis. This is not brain washing or dangerous; this is basically a guided meditation, held by me with powerful intention for your healing.

2 - Imagine the Visualization

I will invite you to imagine a beautiful unburdening of the troubles and emotions and memories that your womb may be carrying. Your imagination (and intuition) will do this naturally. 

3 - Receive the Support 

During this Ceremony, you may feel guided or lifted; you may feel lighter or better. You just get to receive this help. For free, as my gift. You are worthy and deserving, mamma. 

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‚ÄúThat, I think, is the power of¬†ceremony:¬†It marries the mundane to the sacred. The water turns to wine; the coffee to a prayer.‚Ä̬†

‚ÄďRobin Wall Kimmerer¬†¬†


Who is this for?

This is for any woman who feels depleted, exhausted and run-dry. Overwhelmed, anxious, and hasn't found "normal" that she is satisfied with since having babies.

This is for you if you long to feel more meaning and connection to your life, your motherhood and your body. 

And this is for you, if you love the idea that you hold actual magic and power to heal within you as a woman. 

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This is spiritual. This will feel natural for all women who are open to the spiritual (not necessarily religious).

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