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Postpartum Anxiety


Calm your Body. Calm your Mind. Calm your Life.

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Your mind, behavior and thoughts don't feel like your own.  

 You're snapping at your kids, picking fights with the hubby or partner, and not feeling like yourself. 

Worst of all... you feel a mix of shame and disgust + self-criticism on overload. 

Not to mention confusion.... WHY am I acting this way? 

WHERE did my personality go? 

 Am I ever going to feel normal again?


The most important thing you can know is:  

You are not broken, and there is clear a path to feeling like yourself again.



My course is designed for moms with:

  • low-energy
  • not much free time
  • you have work and/or naps you need to work around
  • you don't have time to waste on fluff. You need these tools YESTERDAY and are ready to feel better NOW.

It's divided into clear steps with the overall goal of restoring peace, confidence, calm, and normal-for-you functioning, mamma. (Yes you CAN get there, even with hormones and low sleep at play.)


While it would be nice to do all the therapy and inner-child stuff, a postpartum mom needs tools that will move the needle TODAY. (Yesterday, in fact.)

What transformations can you expect in the Postpartum Freedom Course?

Calm your BODY

You will learn:  

  • Why you are feeling/behaving this way
  • How to de-escalate your anxiety and other emotions mid-reaction 
  • How to prevent emotional buildup 
  • How to get back into your body and be with your emotions confidently
  • How to prevent emotional buildup and explosions

Calm your MIND

You will learn: 

  • How to hear and notice the effects of your thoughts
  • How to stop fearing your thoughts
  • Why we get intrusive thoughts
  • How to re-direct your thoughts successfully 
  • How to stop battling your brain
  • How to honor real and raw feelings without shame

Calm your LIFE

You will learn:

  • How to teach this stuff to your kids/use it in marriage
  • How to know when the subconscious mind + body are ready to release trauma
  • How to recognize and release stored trauma
  • When to know if you need a therapist/conjunctive support
  • There is no "right way" other than your way

Don't let fear and perfectionism get in the way of healing. 

You might worry that you won't do it all the way, but many women have actually NOT FINISHED the course and still totally got MORE than they needed.

Most women finish the course.

Start where you are, just like all the moms that have gone through this course have. My course will meet you where you are. You will get what you need. 

Postpartum is the best time to do this work.

Never at any other time is your body more open, more ready to move energy and set the stage for a new beginning. 

So if you’re ready to jump into this work and to trust me as your guide, purchase The Postpartum Freedom course and let's get started.


Mom's who've done this work with Lizzie say...

“I am looking forward to breaking the cycle and not grasping to go back to being “my old self” but rather, I’m allowing this postpartum experience to radically transform my life and help me be new. 

I love the private podcast episode on whether healing is possible because it is such a great reminder that we can’t rely on meds, nutrition, or circumstances to easily stop depression. 

I am starting to lean from “probably will heal” to “healing is inevitable”. I am so grateful for Lizzie and her wisdom.”


"I am a 30-year-old, first-time mom. I reached out to Lizzie when my three-month maternity leave was coming to an end. I had doubts that I could still work, be a mom, a wife, and some semblance of who I was before. It was all so overwhelming. I felt I had to do it all, even when my body and my brain were telling me I needed a break. My body was speaking to me, but I just wasn't listening. I've now been back at work for almost nine months and the transition has been so much smoother than if I were to try to do this on my own. My techniques weren't working, but Lizzie's process helped me tackle each day as I overcame preconceived notions of what a 'mother' was supposed to be. In these past several months, I've become a more emotionally available mother and wife, decreased my anxiety, and have even been promoted! If you think you have to do it all, or if the mountain looks too tall, I would highly encourage you to reach out to Lizzie for support."


After working with Lizzie’s process…I feel so much better.  I will wholeheartedly say I’m confident in my ability to heal. I realize now that I have the power to change. I have power within me. My relationships have improved and feel more authentic. I feel peace in conquering the challenges that will inevitably lie ahead in my life.

A physical thing that happened for me was conceiving during this course. For me, it felt miraculous. I have two earthly children and two angel babies. My miscarriages are what brought me to Lizzie. When I allowed my body to start leading me, rather than my brain alone, I felt peace. Suddenly, my body was ready for what I had so longed for.

I couldn’t have done it alone and I’m forever grateful for the tools I now have from Lizzie and this course. 

K.  W.

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The Postpartum Anxiety Course

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  • My signature healing process: Calm your Body, Calm your Mind, Calm your Life. (has helped dozens of postpartum women feel better - Value $1,000)
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  • Feel normal again, save time, suffer less, gain back confidence, energy, happiness; ensure the quality of your most precious relationships. (value: priceless)
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Actual Comments from Mammas Inside the Course:


Katie: "Long Term Gains

"YOU! This video, it’s my hype girl video! I needed this. This was the grossest but best visual of what’s going on but I love “there’s a short term pain to have long-term gains”.

It’s so true in so many areas of life: physical exercise, having a baby, emotional release, saving money for a major purchase, reaching any goal etc.

Also, I feel like it is so real to see so many people that I know, now that I’ve started on this journey, that literally just have never been connected the way that I feel like I’m getting connected to myself. Even close people like my parents or friends and I just wish I could give it all to them and share how much deeper of an experience in life they could have.

I feel like in some ways I mourn for them, especially close people like my parents, that they might not get to have this kind of experience in their lifetime especially when I know that people like my mom and dad are plagued with things like PTSD and depression and anxiety."


Angie: "I needed to hear this today."

"I've felt so lonely today, lots of sadness, and feeling like, "Shouldn't I be further than this at this point?" It's hard at times to trust that I'm doing well when after lots of coaching and therapy and all the things I'm doing, I'm still experiencing the challenges.

So helpful to remember and trust this is a short-term discomfort for the long-term benefit.

The stuff you said about time!! And not feeling rushed!! That sounds soooo good right now. And about the sex drive returning. That would be nice!!"


Alecia: Hope Postpartum

“You will never have to do this, ever, the way you have to do it now.” I’m holding on to that hope." 

Get Postpartum Freedom: The Course