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Lizzie Langston, Certified Life Coach
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If you want to go from feeling depressive, anxious, or irritable postpartum (or in general motherhood), to feeling calm, grounded and confident, you’re in the right place.

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Hello, Beautiful Mom

I believe that postpartum (or general motherhood) anxiety and depression only come up when your subconscious mind has a message for you.
Your current emotional/behavior changes are coming up on purpose to get your attention and communicate one or more of these messages:  


  1. Emotional Buildup: There is emotional buildup in your body that it is time to release 

  2. Out of Alignment: You are living out of integrity with your truest self in some way (in relationships, not meeting your own needs or following your true path) and it is not in your highest good. It's time to re-assess your life path.

  3. Stored Trauma: There is stored trauma from younger years that needs to be let go now so you can re-birth into who you came here to be.

Your mind and body aren't messed up or broken. They are highly intelligent.


Your subconscious mind and body work together and know exactly when it's time to give you anxiety and depressiveness to help  you become the truest version of yourself

Postpartum happens to be a mentally and emotionally delicate time, but a spiritually active and expansive time, if you have the eyes to see. 

You can either feel lost, discouraged and afraid and seek quick-fix solutions, or you can use this challenging time to delve in to understanding what your subconscious mind and body are saying to you, and the root changes it is time to make in your life.  


Interested in really reaching the root of why this is happening, and reclaiming your mental and emotional stability in a peaceful, self-connected way? 


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Meditation is how we access our subconscious healing priorities, which is what will allow you to understand what your body and mind need from you/are trying to communicate right now.

Leave me your name and email below and I will send you the a meditation I use to calm my body and ask it questions for self-connection, healing, and clarity. You can do this! I'll be with you.