Free Postpartum Meditation 

Trust your body again. 

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Do you remember how carefree you felt as a little girl?

Even though we become moms with lots of cares and deep responsibilities, we can still learn how to find retreat, peace, and even fun in our bodies again. 

The mental, physical and emotional load of the calling of Motherhood can drain, exhaust and deprive you. Especially postpartum and when you're raising young children. 

Let's be proactive in replenishing your energy, to revive and protect the sacred happiness and life force within you. Don't let it die out, it's too important! YOU deserve replenishment and to be well, mamma.  

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Learn to trust your body again, Woman. Mamma.


How does it work?

This free 20-minute guided meditation will help you surrender into relaxation and feel what it’s like to deeply trust and relax. It's just you and my voice, as I gently give you beautiful visuals to follow in your mind's eye. Simple as that. 

Click the button below and I’ll email you my free postpartum meditation created with the mental, emotional, and physical intensity of motherhood in mind. 

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FREE 14-Day Text Series for Immediate Support

Receive daily mentoring and coaching from The Postpartum coach via texts for 14 days. This series is designed to uplift you and help you feel confident navigating the intensity of postpartum. This may be the most impactful freebie I've ever created. It's easily accessible and a true game-changer.

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My Mission

I help postpartum women turn mental and emotional chaos into transcended mental and emotional functioning. 

This awakens, empowers and enlivens them. 

Through my process and mentorship, they return to passion, playfulness and purpose in their lives and impact generations to come.

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*Lizzie is not a medical provider or therapist. Her advice is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Include and consult your healthcare providers along your journey.