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My name is Lizzie Langston - I'm the host of The Postpartum Coach Podcast, a mom of FOUR kids and a dog, married to my hubby for 10+, and obsessed with taking women 'through the postpartum trenches' and on to thriving.

Everything I've created was what I wish I had when I was postpartum. Below you will find a range of resources, including many that are FREE so you can start getting support right away. Remember, you've got this momma!

All My Resources At-a-Glance

Here are the 7 different resources I have for postpartum moms! Scroll down to explore their individual pages.

Freebies Just for You

Here are the juicy details for each of the free tools I have available for you.


 14-Day Text Series for Immediate Support

Receive daily mentoring and coaching from The Postpartum coach via texts for 14 days. This series is designed to uplift you and help you feel confident navigating the intensity of postpartum. This may be the most impactful freebie I've ever created. It's easily accessible and a true game-changer.


Postpartum Meditation for Calm

This guided meditation just for postpartum women is designed to help you  get out of your head (cuz I know that’s where you get trapped), and get into your body during moments of sensory overwhelm, discouragement, or if you just need to rest-and-reset. Learn to relax and trust your body again.

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Out of the Postpartum Rut Mini Course

This short mini-course is designed to help you feel relieved (so you know you aren't crazy!). You will begin to understand WHY you’ve been feeling irritable, overwhelmed, anxious, and more.  It also introduces you to my three-step process for healing mind, body, and spirit so you don't have to stay stuck.

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Paid Resources 

Checkout the options below that go deeper and have the most impact:


#1 Emotional Toolkit for Moms Class

$27 for one 60-min pre-recorded class

This class is everything you need to manage big, intense waves of emotions like anxiety, anger, rage, sadness, and despair. This class will also help you if you experience persistent worrisome or negative thoughts. You will learn how to ground your nervous system and calm your body when intense emotions are at hand, even if energy and brainpower are low.

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#2 Postpartum Freedom Online Course

$222 Everything I teach a client, pre-recorded 

This is a compilation of the main things I teach 1-1 clients, but it's all pre-recorded for your convenience. You might be thinking, "Am I ever going to feel normal again?" The most important thing you can know is that you are not broken, and there is clear a path to feeling like yourself again. 

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#3 Postpartum Freedom Community

$74-$222/ month membership program

This is for women recovering from birth, healing their own traumas, and raising their babies. This membership will help you in ways that all my other programs combined cannot. We dive deeper, connect you to other women, and address the nervous system in powerful ways. You will also have access to medical experts including Pediatricians, Pelvic Floor Specialists, Certified Nurse Practitioners, Sleep Specialists and Hormone Specialists (all women, all moms).

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#4 Private Coaching 

This is for women at all stages of life who are ready to restore and reclaim the feminine

I have coached women in getting out of their head, into their bodies, reclaiming their confidence, peace and presence, and feeling like themselves again for over 4 years. We do deep work. Coaching packages start at $5K. Private coaching with me will bring you into alignment with your most Authentic Self, and start your true legacy in your motherhood.

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My Mission

I help postpartum women turn mental and emotional chaos into transcended mental and emotional functioning. 

This awakens, empowers and enlivens them. 

Through my process and mentorship, they return to passion, playfulness and purpose in their lives and impact generations to come.


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 Please note: Lizzie is not a medical provider or therapist. Her advice is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Include and consult your healthcare providers along your journey.