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You've got this, mamma! This text series will uplift, instruct and inspire you during the intensity of postpartum, from a mamma who has been there (four times!). 

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What is it?

This 14-day text series is a combination of mentoring, coaching, and mom-to-mom validation.

I’ve been postpartum four times, experienced birth trauma, feeding and sleeping issues and low sleep. While I'm not a doctor and this text series should not replace consulting with your or your baby's physician, I have a good idea of the ups and downs of postpartum and can help you through. 

You'll get immediate tools for mental health and resilience to help you finally feel like you've got this, mamma. Life will feel normal again soon. 

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Text Series  Overview

Here's a quick overview of some of the things I'll be sending your way: 


You'll learn why we get all out of sorts, including the nervous system and how it is impacted by the big life change of motherhood/postpartum. You'll also learn a couple of my favorite techniques to calm my anxious body and mind in-the-moment. 


You will learn just how important sleep is postpartum, and I'll help you think of creative ways to get more of it. You'll also get a link to a podcast episode where I interviewed a sleep specialist. 

Scary Thoughts

We'll go over why intrusive thoughts come up and what to do with them. This is important for every postpartum woman to know as intrusive thoughts can feel really scary and alarming.  


We'll talk about how to know when you have postpartum depression versus the baby blues. We will also dive deeper into what depression is trying to tell you. Uncovering this can be a game changer as you navigate postpartum. 

Feeding Issues

While I am not an expert, I have had a baby with feeding issues. My child needed to have surgery and couldn't nurse + cried a lot during weeks 3-5. I will share our story and offer hope/encouragement. 


Postpartum is an intense time where more is required of you emotionally than usual. After being postpartum four times and coaching moms for years, I can give you tips to become resilient through this tough time.

Intense Emotions 

A lot of the emotional meltdowns come from (lack of sleep, watch out for that) holding your emotions in. I will teach you some ways to talk to yourself that will help you release emotion, as well as communicate better. 

+ 7 more days packed with postpartum support!

This is just the beginning - you will get 14 days of support.

How does it work?

You will get one text message each day for 14 days. It may include a short optional video to watch, a podcast episode to listen to, or a profound message to shift your mindset and pull you out of the funk.

You will have a lot of "ah-ha" moments as you learn things you may not have considered before, as well as feel supportive and innovative for new ideas to get you through. 

YOU'VE REALLY GOT THIS, mamma. This series will help. 

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Most Impactful Freebie Yet 

I've created a lot of free content to support mommas, but this provides the most immediate, accessible, and relevant resources of them all.


Ready for More?

If you want binge-able DIY content, I'd recommend my online course or the emotional toolkit class.

If you want live coaching and community, I'd recommend my membership, The Postpartum Freedom Community here! 

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My Mission

I help postpartum women turn mental and emotional chaos into transcended mental and emotional functioning. 

This awakens, empowers and enlivens them. 

Through my process and mentorship, they return to passion, playfulness and purpose in their lives and impact generations to come.

 I can't wait to work together!

*Lizzie is not a medical provider or therapist. Her advice is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Include and consult your healthcare providers along your journey.