I had

  • kids in four years
  • episodes of debilitating postpartum anxiety and depression, and
  • experience of severe birth trauma.

Little did I know, my depressiveness and anxiety were the beginning of a journey of my rebirth.

My Story 

I was a happy person, and happy to be a mom. I didn't really know what anxiety was. Depression was literally not in my vocabulary.

So I was blindsided, confused, and totally debilitated by my first mental health episode following the birth of my second child. 

Brain fog. Irritability. Constant worry. Panic.

I tried antidepressants, therapy and a local postpartum support group, but by the time I was postpartum again with baby #3 and my mental health took yet another hit, things were urgent.

I had no idea how to manage anxiety, so my body scared me all of the time and felt out of control. This exhausted me and landed me in a depression.



I wish I had known how to work with my body to understand what it was trying to communicate to me.... It would have saved me from suffering and feeling so powerless.

I was not functioning, so we sold our home and moved in with my in-laws for support. 

With help in place, I was able to focus on figuring out how I would heal. 

I found life coaching.

For the first time, I heard my own thoughts bustling about my mind. And I was able to connect my thoughts to the anxiety, dread, numbness and pain they were creating.

I felt power come back to me, and I saw a way out.

I became a Certified Life Coach and dedicated myself to understanding the ins and outs of postpartum anxiety, depression, and mental health changes. 

Now, over four years later and after hours and hours of my own therapy, coaching, meditation, yoga, and after coaching dozens of postpartum moms (what a privilege), I understand the lesser-known subtle and energetic shifts that are happening to a woman after going through the birth portal. 

I also understand the anatomy of a panic attack and the anatomy of how depression happens.

My online course, Postpartum Freedom, can help you understand, address and heal your postpartum mental health issues, from the root. And to go about it in a way that brings you closer to yourself and to who you truly are. 

That is postpartum freedom.

Get Postpartum Freedom - The Course

I was just a regular mom, but my mental health dives called me to be a healer. 

You will never have the "normal" you knew before this. But that is a good thing.

Because a version of you that is more powerful, confident and alive is on the other side of what you're going through.

Postpartum Freedom (my online course) teaches you how to stop fighting and fearing, and to get out of your head and into your body. Really into your body.

Once you deeply embody (you can), I give you the tools to do what needs to be done there:

  • Process and know what to do with your daily emotions
  • Clear out backed-up and blocked old emotional buildup
  • Discern exactly how you're living out of alignment with your truest self, and anything else your body needs you to know.

Once you do these things, your mental and emotional health begin to regulate.

You will feel your normal again, and you will be truly free of the fight and symptoms that have been going on inside of you.

You'll experience Postpartum Freedom. 


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