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I believe in magic.

I believe in fairies, synchronicities and I love waking up early to catch the grass dewey.

My favorite season is autumn, my favorite genre of music is acoustic, and my favorite newest interest is astrology.

I believe your body is doing this to you in an act to call out to be healed. And that it can be healed.

My Story


I gave birth to three kids in four years.

My body went through a lot.

With my first baby, I was sent from my OB checkup straight to the hospital for an emergency induction. Later that night I hemorrhaged a quarter of my body’s blood supply. All the nurses were in my room for an emergency D&C with no anesthesia…

I was so grateful and smitten with being a new mom that I downplayed how scary that had been. I didn’t know what trauma really was, or how to work with my body to process it.

I have since learned that the body stores emotion from traumatic experiences, and it builds up and manifests as symptoms.

Fast forward to postpartum in the hospital after baby #2, I asked to be on oxygen. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was experiencing my first panic attack. I was feeling postpartum anxiety.

This anxiety robbed my sleep, caused dread and overwhelm, and made me into a wife and mother that I hopelessly, shamefully despised deep down. But I felt trapped.

In my efforts to feel normal again I tried yoga, reiki, herbal supplements. I tried antidepressants, and they worked well enough after baby #2.


But by baby #3, my mental health was getting urgent, and no amount of antidepressants seemed to help.

Now I realize that my anxiety and depression was my body screaming for my attention.

The way to build resilience right now is to:

  1. Learn how to calm your body, both in anxious moments and just a general sense of peace.
  2. Learn how to understand your body's signals and connect with your body to foster healing.


I teach you these in my program in three simple steps:

Calm your Body (weeks 1-4)

Calm your Mind (weeks 4-8)

Calm your Life (weeks 8-12)

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