Emotional Toolkit for Moms: On Demand Class

Made by a postpartum mom, for postpartum moms. 

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Riding the Waves

This class is everything you need to manage big, intense waves of emotions like anxiety, anger, rage, sadness, and despair. It will also help if you experience persistent worrisome or negative thoughts.

You will learn how to ground your nervous system and calm your body when intense emotions are at hand, even if energy and brainpower are low.

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Emotional Toolkit for This Stage of Life

Because of the short and intense nature of postpartum, this phase in a woman’s life requires a different level of emotional tools for her to be able to feel like herself. More grounding, more self-regulating, more body-mind understanding to be able to be calm and even-keel. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


I've been where you are.

I personally have birthed four babies and been through:

  • Severe birth trauma
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • PTSD 
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Depression and random bouts of sadness
  • Irritability and postpartum rage

Basically, I was very “dysregulated” and not myself postpartum.

What will you get from this class?

In this one-hour class together (with the CUTEST slide show and personal story+photos from my own postpartum times), I will teach you my favorite, most-used ways you can manage intense emotions in the moment (like anxiety, anger, waves of sadness, overwhelm, etc).

Goal 1: Develop healthy ways to ride the waves of emotion

Goal 2: Get relief from the ways you've felt trapped

Goal 3: Find hope that you can (and will!) make it through

I've got you, mamma!

I’ve got tools for when you're alone, with family, at work, or in public. I know this time is intense, but all it means is you need to up your game with the right support and tools.

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Women often spend years preparing for the baby to arrive, but we were never taught to prepare for us to arrive.


What's included in the postpartum class?

You will get access to a 60-minute prerecorded class (yay for on-demand help when you need it most!)

It includes a video file AND an audio file of the same class so you can choose your preferred way to engage. 

The class also includes a printable worksheet to take notes and visually see the most important points on physical paper. 

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You will get tools for every scenario.

The Mom’s Emotional Toolkit Class has tools for every scenario a mom finds herself in:

Full Privacy: Alone

I know this may not happen often, but if it does, YESSSS! Maybe you’re hiking, going to the bathroom by yourself, or on a solo drive. Awesome. I have tools to help you make the most of this time - to use nature, your body, and your voice to calm and reset.

Semi-Privacy: W/Kids

Are you driving with kids in the car? Or maybe your family is around the house somewhere? I have tools to help you ground and calm your mind and body. The best part? Others won’t be able to notice what you are doing, even if they’re around.

No Privacy: On the Spot

Are you in a business meeting? Perhaps you're talking to another mom at a play date? Or maybe you're surrounded by extended family for a holiday? No worries, I’ve got ways to manage the big emotions even when you can’t hide from others. You're gonna love having these private little ways back to calm. 

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The tools I teach in this class to reset your body and mind are EASY to apply, because having lived postpartum four times and struggled with my mental health, I know moms don’t have mental energy to waste.


What kind of things are in this emotional toolkit?

All of the exercises use things around the house and on hand as anchor points to help you self-regulate. This can include: 

  • Visualizations in your mind,

  • Breathing techniques you can do even if holding or rocking a baby,

  • Ways to work with nature (like your own backyard or at the park - wherever you may be). 

  • and more!

You’ll love the simplicity and yet concreteness of the self-soothing tools for times of intense emotions (aka, postpartum). 

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What makes this class different?

I organize these tools by the different levels of PRIVACY you experience as a mom. That is the most unpredictable part of motherhood, and a lack of privacy is often what keeps us from being able to regulate ourselves. Yes you can run off to the bathroom to scream or have a panic attack, but why not learn techniques that work in ANY mom-ing situation a woman finds herself in.
I don't want the fact that your partner is around, or that your kids are around, to be a reason your anxiety or anger escalates. These tools are designed for moms, by a mom who has LIVED it. You'll have a way to ground and calm yourself even when the baby wakes up early from a nap, or you are around friends at a play date, or you're in an important conversation and anxiety is flaring up. 
Also, I won't waste your time with fluff. Because I know how busy you are. Like, I really know. #momof4 

Welcome to Mom’s Emotional Toolkit

(which I believe can  help the WHOLE family…)

The tools in this course are designed to be used IN THE MOMENT with only a little bit of brain power. I know first-hand that you are often multitasking while extremely sleep deprived, and possibly also hormonal (weaning baby? Yaaaaa. I got you.)

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FREE 14-Day Text Series for Immediate Support

Receive daily mentoring and coaching from The Postpartum coach via texts for 14 days. This series is designed to uplift you and help you feel confident navigating the intensity of postpartum. This may be the most impactful freebie I've ever created. It's easily accessible and a true game-changer.

Hey, I'm Lizzie, the Postpartum Coach

I am a mom of four kids and I was paralyzed emotionally from postpartum mental health issues after my second and third baby.

After years of therapy, antidepressants, coaching, and many other modalities, I was finally able to heal.

While going through it myself, I worked on creating better ways to teach and help moms apply these tools of happy, healthy motherhood that made such a big difference for me.

I create resources that put advanced therapeutic and coaching techniques into the language of moms.

As a Certified Life Coach*, I also teach to help women thrive through ALL the motherhood years.

I just had my fourth baby, a girl not shown in this photo, during the summer of 2023. I am thriving! 

My mental health tools are built just for moms with low energy and busy schedules - and they work. 

Ready for More?

If you are wanting self-serve, I recommend the Postpartum Freedom Online Course here. If you are wanting community and live coaching to help you apply what you're learning, check out The Postpartum Freedom COMMUNITY here. 


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My Mission

I help postpartum women turn mental and emotional chaos into transcended mental and emotional functioning. 

This awakens, empowers and enlivens them. 

Through my process and mentorship, they return to passion, playfulness and purpose in their lives and impact generations to come.

 I can't wait to work together!

*Lizzie is not a medical provider or therapist. Her advice is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Include and consult your healthcare providers along your journey.