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Let's get you feeling like yourself again.

I've been postpartum four times, experienced birth trauma and mental health issues postpartum. I know how this intense time can make you feel. This short, FREE postpartum mini-course is designed to help you feel relieved as you understand WHY you’ve been feeling irritable, overwhelmed, anxious, etc. It also introduces you to my three-step process for healing mind, body, and spirit during the postpartum time, which I believe is a portal to generational healing.... More on that inside.  

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Learn to trust your body again, Woman. Mamma.


What will this do for you?

This free mini course will:

  • Reassure you that you’re not crazy--it's not just you. It's postpartum. 
  • Help you understand WHY you're struggling so much to just do the basics (nervous system can get frozen/overstimulated)
  • Help you drop the confusion and self-judgement, and have a perspective to actually be kind to yourself as you figure this out.
  • I'll share what worked for me, and what works for my postpartum clients
  • I'll tell you about what I believe is the spiritual opening that is happening even during this intense time.
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What's in the postpartum mini-course?

This course is a total xx minutes between the 3 videos (with each one being between x and y minutes long).

Video 1: Why Postpartum is Feeling so Intense

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Video 2: The Ways You Aren’t Feeling Yourself

You aren't alone. In this video, we will discuss what this means for your mind and body.

Video 3: Mentoring on Sleep and Feeding Issues

We will also discuss a realistic take on what is required to thrive during this time.


Things I will NOT be telling you:

“Oh, it’s just those postpartum hormones.” 

“It just takes time. “

 “Everyone feels this way. You’ll get through it."


Finding Your Normal

I am here to take this seriously, but I won't indulge the anxious, scary thoughts. I’ll give you a real take on what’s going on and what will be needed to settle yourself into a routine and rhythm to find your normal again.

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FREE 14-Day Text Series for Immediate Support

Receive daily mentoring and coaching from The Postpartum coach via texts for 14 days. This series is designed to uplift you and help you feel confident navigating the intensity of postpartum. This may be the most impactful freebie I've ever created. It's easily accessible and a true game-changer.

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My Mission

I help postpartum women turn mental and emotional chaos into transcended mental and emotional functioning. 

This awakens, empowers and enlivens them. 

Through my process and mentorship, they return to passion, playfulness and purpose in their lives and impact generations to come.

 I can't wait to work together!

*Lizzie is not a medical provider or therapist. Her advice is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Include and consult your healthcare providers along your journey.