Bonus: Book a Consult. + The Holiday Season Consumerism Fast Pace and Postpartum (or wanting more peace and calm)

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 Hey there, it's Lizzie Langston, your host from the Postpartum Coach Podcast. With the holiday season in full swing, I want to share a personal reflection, especially for all the moms out there, and those of you who might be navigating the postpartum journey.

Having had a December baby myself, I've experienced the pressure to dive into all the festivities while dealing with the challenges of postpartum life. In this episode, I delve into the tendency for moms, especially during the holidays, to perpetuate patterns of self-neglect. But what if, this Christmas season, we could break that cycle?

I recently participated in a full moon ritual, where I tapped into the collective energy and felt a deep connection with postpartum women. I sensed the pain and the feeling of being stuck, trapped in a mind and body that don't feel like your own. To those of you on the edge of booking a consultation, I felt your hesitation, and I'm here to tell you to stop putting it off.

In coaching consultations, we discuss your desires, pain points, and fears. I believe that if you desire a change, it's because it's meant for you. Your desires are sacred, connecting you to your highest potential. If you're ready to explore this, book a free consultation with me at

I'm excited about upcoming offerings, including a 27-course called Mom's Emotional Toolkit, designed for moms with limited time and energy. Starting in January, group coaching will be available, and I encourage you to join my email list for updates.

As of January, consultations will be $97, reflecting the time invested. However, if you decide to work with me, that fee goes towards your coaching package. I'm passionate about helping you make a real change in your life and motherhood. So, if you're feeling that call, don't wait. Book a consultation and let's start this journey together.

Remember, your desires are not just fleeting dreams; they are your connection to a higher self. Let's make this Christmas season a time of real transformation. I'm here for you, and I can't wait to connect. Head to and let's make it happen this week. Also, catch me back here on Thursday for another episode. This one's just a bonus – see you then!

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