Struggling Postpartum? Start Here

Mar 27, 2019


Is your world spinning months, weeks, or even a year after having your baby? Whether this is your first time postpartum, or your second time +, this podcast will meet you where you are emotionally and mentally if you are hurting or struggling.

  1. Don’t miss the opportunity to love yourself through this.
  2. Be vulnerable by letting this time look like what it needs to.
  3. Your kids will be resilient with you through this.
  4. Your best will look different every day--and that’s okay.
  5. Your husband doesn’t 100% understand you right now, and that’s okay.
  6. It’s okay to just survive.
  7. Sometimes you need to allow your brain to just rest. Give in to rest (not suicide though).
  8. How you’re feeling is so normal.
  9. Know your rights with getting on medication
  10. There will be a day you start healing.
  11. (bonus): Neutralize the mess. Detach emotionally to survive if you need to.

Liz Langston had three kids 4 and under, and experienced debilitating postpartum depression after baby #2 and baby #3, used life coaching tools and a life coach to heal, then became a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach through Brooke Castillo’s Life Coach School.

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*Disclaimer: Liz Langston is not a medical professional, and is not responsible for the actions or decisions of her podcast listeners. As always, if you think you may be depressed, please meet with your Ob/Gyn or current healthcare professional. Also, Liz does not necessarily recommend going about getting help exactly the way she did. Each individual’s journey is personal and may look different. Liz does not guarantee any of the same healing or positive results that she had, though she does believe that this podcast can be very helpful for mothers who are also working with their healthcare providers and life partners to get help and healing.

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